For Coaches

Help Those You Coach
Grow Every Day

Support your coachees in transferring their goals into
implementation and self-designed development journeys.

Focus attention, foster impact

Help your coachees create insights and apply what they learn. Provide a
safe space for personal development between sessions.

An interactive learning diary

Use Flourister as an interactive learning diary to plan
self-development activities and monitor progress.

An effective development

Focus attention through daily nudges, notifications and
reminders. Make coachees feel connected and effective.

Test it yourself. Explore behavior change!

For the Coachee, Flourister helps to

Visualize growth

Identify challenging situations and how to cope with them. Visualize the self-development process and monitor progress.

Nudge for action

Use calendar entries, reminders and reflective questions to explore new ways of thinking and acting.

Increase self-efficacy

Build confidence and develop positive emotions toward own skills and capabilities.