For Companies

Develop New
competencies fast

Go beyond traditional training. Focus on real-work impact. Make
your whole workforce effective change champions.

Increase Job Performance

Accelerate time to productivity by encouraging learning in the flow of
work – solving real-work problems.

Focus on outcomes

Help bridge the knowing-doing gap. Support users while they
carry out tasks in order to achieve the desired performance.

Reduce formal training

Reduce the need for formal training. Make the relevant
knowledge available before or during the performance.

Increase informal learning

Reach employees outside the training’s scheduled agenda.
Foster collegial learning and ensure greater knowledge

Test it yourself. Explore behavior change!

For L&D, Flourister helps to

Empower employee- generated learning

Digitize tribal knowledge. Save time and money by encouraging experienced employees to contribute and share their expert knowledge, simple and fast.

Nudge practical application

Help employees to focus on their development activities by nudging practical application using notifications, feedback requests and timed assignments.

Facilitate bottom-up learning

Act as a social architect. Orchestrate bottom-up knowledge production through self-organized face-to-face discussions and group activities.

Foster soft skills

Soft Skills Training is often a tricky strategy to design since learning is open-ended and needs skills to be developed rather than learned. Foster the application of soft skills through Flourister.

Empower interaction

Have your learners talk about what they are learning, what caught their interest (or otherwise). Create engaged teams that share, promote, and contribute to continuously enrich the knowledge bank.

Make leaders grow

Leadership skills are built through a range of options that include training (experiential, social, and self-directed), coaching and mentoring. With Flourister, you have it all in one solution.