Gamification fuels autonomy, mastery and connection.

There is a strong bed of academic research that shows that gamification techniques can have a significant positive effect on people’s level of engagement with particular activities.

If we use the language of habits, then gamification works by creating reinforcers for behaviour. It introduces elements into people’s experience of doing something that make them more likely to do that thing again. And it achieves this in two main ways.

First, it creates and uses extrinsic motivators, like rewards. Secondly, and far more importantly, gamification works by targeting the three sources of intrinsic motivation: autonomy, mastery and connection. Autonomy is reinforced by helping people track their progress and see the impact of what they do: it gives them a sense of control. The desire for challenge and mastery is tapped into by setting goals, recognizing achievements, and creating a sense of competition. And connection is created by simply linking people to one another.

Gamification that targets, builds and reinforces intrinsic motivation is generally more sustainable. That’s why Flourister includes social reflection activities: inviting trusted peers for their feedback, sharing experiences and socializing with buddies.

Because most of the reflection activities are self-organized, Flourister approaches all three sources of intrinsic motivation: autonomy, mastery and connection.

To support autonomy, Flourister gives the user a sense of control over the change process by letting them design the process themselves, setting their own timelines and choosing trusted people to give them feedback on progress.

To support challenge and mastery, Flourister uses techniques such as tracking progress, marking achievements, and creating competition by comparing own scores with the best performer within a chosen community or group.

And to support connection, users can access feeds in Flourister to exchange experiences, share things that worked well, and even get likes on their contribution.

With Flourister, we have integrated the proven methods of gamification in order to motivate people to:

  • pro-actively engage with the content and drive their own learning and development.
  • gamify the experience of using the learning resources and building supportive social connections.
  • create challenges around completing self-development journeys, track their usage, and be rewarded for their progress.