• Turn Learning
    Into Performance

The empowerment app

Empower people to make the greatest possible progress as quickly as possible. Combine eLearning with live online training, classroom training and self-directed learning. Increase transfer success through digital communities and the inclusion of the work environment. With actionable feedback and much more.

Experience the power of our Social Training & Transformation App.

High performance learning journeys

Combine short formal learning modules with bite-sized digital learning nuggets.
Embed new practices and behaviors in the work process. Orchestrate collegial learning
and motivating interactions with peers, transfer buddies, and supervisors at work.

Bring adults into action – with guided and self-directed journeys.

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Creating impact at work

Use Flourister as your digital platform for knowledge transfer and sustainable
behavior change. Design scalable learning journeys without much effort,
thanks to our “smart” learning technology.

Discover and tap into new potentials:


Test track

The German magazine Training aktuell sent our Flourister app on the test track: We are very happy about the excellent review!

Conclusion: “A great tool for training professionals, coaches and companies who want to develop trainings with impact at work and accompany the change with dashboards and learning analytics”.

What our users say

«I can’t remember anything pushing me forward as gently and continuously as the self-directed learning journey that I created with my coach and that I’m following now with the help of Flourister. Thank you so much.»

Maja - Coachee, Team Leader, Insurance Company

«Our field service is on the road most of the time. With the Flourister App, we can reach them quickly and easily. They implement what they have learned directly on site. This makes us even more efficient in organising our work.»

Tanja - Personnel Development Manager, Energy Industry

«At the beginning I was skeptical: Another app like this…. But now I’m quite happy that we dared to experiment with the Flourister App. The app is just one element, but one that makes a big difference.»

Katharina - CEO, Manufacturing Industry

«Since I have been using the Flourister App as a transfer tool, I receive much more positive feedback on the implementation of the training content in everyday work. People apply the stuff they learned. That’s great!»

Andreas - Independent Trainer and Consultant

Making a difference


Flourister goes far beyond traditional eLearning, sharing courses and videos. Flourister is a highly interactive knowledge and experience sharing platform. Promoting competence development in the flow of work.


Collaborative on-the-job learning emphasizes doing rather than consuming. Consequently, employees can put theory into practice much more quickly, especially where learning practical skills is concerned.


With Flourister, you can quickly and flexibly create competency-based development programs. Connect customers or employees with social learning, building a robust workforce – all in one solution.


Scale mindset change and behavioral transformation. With Flourister its SaaS-Architecture, you can let tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees participate.


You grow faster together with others. Social learning triggers collaboration, observation and interaction. It connects you with peers and the people around you and facilitates engagement at work.


Feedback, self-assessments and observation ratings help you measure your individual progress on your way to autonomy and mastery.