For Trainers

Upskill Your

Design engaging learning experiences that help people build skills
through practice, feedback, and reflection.

Customize your own blend

Offer every customer their tailored learning ecosystems with your mix of
engaging and interactive learning methods.

Make training interactive

Engage in problem-solving and critical-thinking. Design interactive tasks with various question types as well as self-organized group assignments. You can even embed HTML5 content and offer rich and interactive experiences through H5P.

Provide tailored environments

Offer every client and every group tailored content, journeys and chat groups. Manage all interactions and relations easily within the same interface.

Time interactions

Select triggers to synchronize group work and foster
timed learning.

Test it yourself. Explore behavior change!

For Trainers, Flourister helps to

Offer tailored Microlearnings

Learners love Microlearning as it is available on-demand and can be easily pulled – at the moment of their need. In a few minutes, they get what they need.

Leverage on learning strategies

Create sticky learning and facilitate effective application including customized learning plans, frequent progress check ins, review and recall elements.

Foster collaborative

Enable participants to assist each other, to organize their thoughts, reflect on their understanding, and find gaps in their reasoning.

Go virtual and blended

Given the fact that classroom-based training may not be feasible for the near future, how should this be flipped proficiently to a remote mode to offer the same value? The answer lies in adopting Virtual Training and Blended Learning.

Bring out their best

You can enhance the impact of your training. Focus not just on learning but more significantly on its application on the job. With Flourister you can have safe practice zones to enable participants to hone their skills.

Offer more than training

Blend virtual instructor led training with self-paced online training, flipped classroom and virtual forums. Or offer a fully self-paced mode. Offer a relevant and an action-oriented learning experience.

Increase Job Performance

Accelerate time to productivity by encouraging learning in the flow of
work – solving real-work problems.

Focus on outcomes

Help bridge the knowing-doing gap. Support users while they
carry out tasks in order to achieve the desired performance.

Increase informal learning

Reach employees outside the training’s scheduled agenda.
Foster collegial learning and ensure greater knowledge

Test it yourself. Explore behavior change!