Two Paths To Success.
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Since people are the most important asset within an organization,
how do we empower them to create sustainable business impact?

Fine tune between leader led and
highly self-organized development journeys.

Align business objectives and individual development goals

Guided journeys

Guided journeys orchestrate collaboration and collegial learning. They structure tasks and interactions. They may be led by a leader, guided by a coach or facilitated by an expert. While following a common goal, participants personalize their journey according to their development needs.

  • Positive peer pressure fosters commitment and support.
  • Exploring new practices together increases confidence.
  • Learning from each other produces positive emotional effects, such as increased self-esteem and higher performance.

Self-directed journeys

The learner creates the development journeys themselve. They might align with an inspiring seminar topic, a team objective or an individual development process. The learner creates a development ecosystem, invites trusted peers for feedback, plus shares experiences and insights on the experiential learning path.

  • Learners feel safe to explore new practices.
  • With increased confidence and self-esteem, learners build courage, repeatedly stepping out of their comfort zone.
  • Learners request feedback on observable behaviors to become reflective learners.

Personalized development journeys

Develop individual competencies
following personalized journeys.

As personalized training correlates closely to the learners’ proficiency, interest, and aspirations, there is a higher recall, retention, and application on the job. As a result, organizations will see a significantly better ROI on trainings based on personalized journeys.

Community-focused learning

Foster support and intensive
cooperation with peers.

Learning with and from others is also called Social Learning. It is a significant mode in which we learn. Social Learning can happen through collaboration, observation, and interaction with others. Social Learning triggers collaboration and facilitates learner engagement. It also brings about self-organization among learners and can be used to supplement various corporate needs. Flourister offers a structured approach to nurture Social Learning through a platform. Facilitating discussions, sharing, curating and learning between peers and experts.

Real challenges, real practice

Create sustainable results
at work.

According to the 70-20-10 model for Learning and Development, the bulk of our learning (70%) is Experiential Learning followed by Social Learning (20%) and only 10% of learning is through structured or Formal Learning. With Flourister you facilitate Experiential Learning right on-the-job. Engage learners to explore new practices and behaviors in real live, not just in course settings. But supported by guided journeys and digital communities.

Actionable Feedback from trusted peers

Receive actionable feedback from
inside and outside the organization.

Actionable feedback keeps learners aligned to the required development journey and helps them practice and perform better. Regular, actionable feedback is one of the most important ingredients in building constructive relationships and thriving teams. Openness creates trust and trust creates more openness. Actionable feedback aims to support groups to build trust and openness and for individuals to gain self-awareness and insight.

Nudges and engaging interactions

Keep yourself on track through
behavioral nudges.

Flourister helps you keep on track by sending notifications, reminders, feedback requests, update messages and Kudos. With the digital Kudos card you can promote gratitude and share good behaviors. You can even create your own Kudos video card and make on-the-job learning fun and inspiring.

Intelligent performance reportings

Gain a new perspective on your

Flourister’s performance management approach promotes self-development through confidential performance ratings and regular self-evaluations. This results in a graphical representation that serves the learner as a further basis for reflection and for developmental discussions with peers, mentors and coaches.

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Authoring Tool

Our authoring tool enables you to design feature-rich, modular development
programs, integrating digital communities, video, links, pdfs, and much more.


Design and distribute powerful development journeys for leaders, project experts or the entire company in minutes


Orchestrate competence
development, cooperation,
knowledge exchanges, knowledge
transfer, self-development and
self-organized group work


Apply various learning settings for
different people, from leader-led,
facilitated to highly self-organized
and autonomous, allowing people to
grow in their learning maturity

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The VUCA RESILIENT journey is a resilience-oriented development program for teams and departments. Increase tolerance for dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity. Develop coping strategies for complex situations and problems. Recognize your own thinking traps and convert counterproductive thoughts into resilient ones.

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The WORKING SMARTER program helps you create significant value at work with simple, proven and effective practices. Its not about working more hours, but about getting more value out of your limited time.

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